Oportunidades Disfarçadas - Carlos Domingos

Oportunidades Disfarçadas - Carlos Domingos

Learn to identify the opportunities that appear in our life and get the tools to overcome the crises with the examples of the biggest companies.

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What would you do if your business were going through a crisis? In recent years, we have heard the word "crisis" a lot and we have imagined a lot as well. This summary will show you how to make the crisis your ally.

When we have a problem we can't think straight, and for some people, it's hard to see what's right in front of them.

To help in these situations, the author Carlos Domingos presents some stories that will inspire you on your journey to success and fortune.

About the book "Oportunidades Disfarçadas"

The book published in 2013 was written by Carlos Domingos. It's a guide to success in difficult times, addressing the world's largest companies to find the opportunity to earn millions and build empires like Apple, Dell, TAM, Coca Cola, Nike, among others.

In this book, you will be inspired by rich, interesting and surprising stories, as well as changing your view of the crisis, because it may not be the end of everything, but the beginning of something even bigger.

About the author Carlos Domingos

Carlos Domingos is a businessman, speaker, and publicist. He worked as a columnist for the newspaper Valor Econômico and was a member of CONAR (National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation) in Brazil.

In 2000 he founded his own agency and served large companies. He is the author of the book "Criação sem pistolão".

He has won several awards, such as the 12 lions at Cannes; Professional of the Year - Rede Globo; the Grand Prix of Creation - April Advertising Award; also won the World's Best Advertising Award - from Advertising Age.

To whom is this book indicated?

This book is especially suitable for entrepreneurs and business students, but it is also suitable for all people who want to grow, succeed in their business and in life, people who want to find the opportunities present in everyday problems.

Finally, it is a good option for intelligent and well-informed people, who enjoy good reading and are always attentive to the news of the market.

Main ideas of the book "Oportunidades Disfarçadas"

  • Recession moments are ideal for launching a new business;
  • No matter how big the crisis is, there will always be room for imaginative people who can overcome difficulties and find a way to make money;
  • The benefit of the crisis is that it makes us think differently and make decisions never thought before. We must always be open to innovations;
  • Generally, in established markets, when competing, offering a differential is very important;
  • It's possible to grow in many ways, one of which is to join your competitor;
  • When resources run out, creativity is needed.

In this summary, we will explain what is a disguised opportunity for you to take your experience to another level. So let's get down to business?

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[Book Summary] Oportunidades Disfarçadas - Carlos Domingos

Overview: Disguised Opportunities in Crisis

It isn't easy to go through a moment of crisis, seek support and not find it, but in this book, you will see that there is a solution to the crisis.

In this first chapter, Carlos Domingos presents some successful stories and the exciting and motivating strategies of companies that have managed to face the crisis and turn it into wealth.

Would you be able to see an opportunity in the crisis? This is a good opportunity to reflect on the idea of it and see that not everything is lost, that it is possible to grow at a time when that seems to have no solutions.

According to Carlos Domingos

"for a company to survive it takes creativity and persistence."

That is, you need to be able to accelerate and invest while other people think of giving up.

Overview: Opportunities Disguised in Fierce Competition

When you are alone in a particular industry you can control the other factors that influence your business. But when you have competition, you need to be prepared to deal with it and stay in business.

What would you do if you had fierce competition? It's necessary to be prepared for these situations and able to adapt and try to reinvent and innovate, launching something different.

In this chapter, Carlos Domingos presents the story of some companies that struggled with competition and found a way to survive in a hotly contested market.

See examples of the companies Union, Toyota, KLM Airlines, among others. According to the author,

"a lot of price war and promotion seems desperate".

Commemorative Dates: Good or Bad?

The author looks at the capitalist view of commemorative dates, which in some ways help to keep the trade warm and get people to consume, keeping the machine running.

Some people believe that commemorative dates are only about making people consume more and encouraging materialism. The truth is that the capitalist system needs this consumption to survive.

Only then will the industry keep their jobs, their salaries, the people growing and making their dreams come true. Not to mention the challenge of companies in conserving and maintaining the environment and safe social practices.

The giants of Detroit at a crossroads

When giant companies fail, only government intervention can save many jobs and help people pay their bills and maintain the needs of their families.

This was what happened to the three major US automakers GM, Ford and Chrysler, together racking up billions of losses in 2007, narrowly filing for bankruptcy in 2008.

Joining the competitor is not a cartel?

No, it doesn't constitute cartelization between companies that want to strengthen themselves, reduce expenses and improve the quality of the services they offer. Have you ever heard that unity is strength?

That's right, the book "Oportunidades Disfarçadas" says that in the face of crisis, sometimes, the best alternative is to join forces with your competitor. Many companies have already used this strategy. The cartel is when a union threatens free trade and harms the consumer.

However, a merger can benefit society as well as prevent bankruptcy and significant job losses.

Overview: Opportunities Disguised in Customer Complaints

Your customers' comments and complaints may be the best thermometer for your business. Your customer opinion and other requests may point you in a new way.

This is what we will find in this chapter, that first presents the hardships that Disney, as the world's largest entertainment group, has ingeniously faced to keep its customers happy. Out of ten lost customers, seven were due to the service.

It is not useful spending on advertising if your service is not desired. Suggestions and complaints may indicate a new niche for your business.

Casas Bahia: The Secrets to Attracting Class C

The tastes and challenges of the demanding class C are what we will find in this part. Like Casas Bahia, it has emerged as a sales leader for the C class, even though it is a demanding class that likes low prices but demands quality.

According to Carlos Domingos, since the Real Plan in Brazil, the number of stores has increased fivefold, and this has all been experienced and very knowledgeable.

The book outlines some key factors for network success. For the author:

"The only way companies can keep up with consumers is to constantly monitor these variations. How do you do this? First, being close to the customer."

Find out what your company's DNA is and respect it

New times and new experiences may require business innovation, but some things should not change.

It is important to keep the line and not forget the reasons that made the company exist and thus respect this story. If your legacy started as a conservative and later wants to be modern, you risk losing your identity.

According to the author

"Anyone planning to start a new business or venture into another segment should pay extra attention to the consumer's wishes. Only in this way will it be able to identify failures of the companies operating in the sector and create a really relevant differential."

Overview: Opportunities Disguised in Lack of Resources

How nice it would be if we always had enough resources to make our dreams come true, make that desired trip or buy that car of the year. Options to spend and invest abound. What was really missing was a way to make money without having to spend a lot investing.

Carlos Domingos presents some alternatives to the lack of resources. When we have money, we do things our way. Now when resources run out you need to know how to use creativity.

Examples show that tight, threatening, low-money environments, they are excellent at generating ideas. The important thing is to keep calm.

Overview: Opportunities Disguised in Team Problems

It's important to have a good relationship with the team to stay well informed and retain talent. Besides being always open to hear suggestions and have a receptive environment for the group to work.

If two heads are better than one, imagine ten heads thinking about meeting the same challenge, the solution may come from where you least expect it.

Overview: Opportunities Disguised in Mistakes

As much as we try to prevent something from going wrong, an error can happen, but something negative can also lead us to a whole new benefit. Since the mistake is hard to avoid, if it does, the company can and should take advantage of it.

The most important thing, according to the book "Oportunidades Disfarçadas" is to learn from our mistakes. They are part of our life and it is necessary to be open to accept the new.

Overview: Opportunities Disguised in Personal Problems

Who has no problems? Regardless of the bank account, we will always be dissatisfied with something or with an issue to resolve. Problems, in some cases, strengthen and prepare us for something bigger.

The author, Carlos Domingos points out the importance of experts in solving the issues. Very often the person outside the problem can better see the solution. We can all have great ideas.

What do other authors say about it?

The book "The Blue Ocean Strategy" brings a new concept in strategy to achieve market prominence. This innovation is based on exploiting market opportunities in which there are no competitors, called by the author "blue oceans". Thus, there is a distance from opponents and a differentiated form of growth.

In their research, the authors of the book "Built to Last", Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, found that most visionary companies did not start with a revolutionary idea that made them successful early on. In fact, they had a slow start and eventually overpowered their markets.

Finally, in the book "Zero to One", author Peter Thiel gives the following tip: when there is competition, companies have no power over the market. As a result, they must sell their products at the market-regulated price or they will be massacred by competition. But when the monopoly is over, you are the one who dictates the rules.

Okay, but how can I apply this to my life?

  • Keep calm and believe that you will overcome all difficulties;
  • Try to understand what type of business is missing in the region where you live, which would help or facilitate people's lives;
  • Value your customers' opinions and complaints, they can show you the next way forward;
  • Have a positive and realistic view of your financial future;
  • Find out what you like and what people around you like to start a business and try to make money from it;
  • Always try to innovate and always have a differentiator in your business. To have different results, you must do something different.

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